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Kids and Teen MMA - This class equips your child with all the necessary tools to keep them safe in this wild world. They will learn how to deal with bullies and aggressors in a safe way. They will also learn how to defend themselves and others on their feet, on the ground, or wherever unfortunate circumstances may find them.

Adult MMA: This class is for the beginner, hobbyist, or aspiring competitor, an all encompassing class for everyone! you will learn a mix of various different styles including kickboxing, brazliian jiu-jitsu and many more!

Yoga: Our Yoga classes offer a variety of different flows including Yin and Vinyasa! in these classes you will connect with your own energy and body more deeply and learn ways to expel and release tension in the body through guided poses and breathwork.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Often called "the gentle art" is purley a grappling based art, meaning no punches, or kicking stikes. This class will teach you how to use your body to control an opponent and ultimately end the altercation by submitting them (making them give up -Tap). Techniques learned in this class are applicable to competition as well as real life (street) altercations.

Kickboxing: Kickboxing classes are cardio intensive and focus on techniques using the eight limbs as weapons to defend against attackers and mount devastating offense. All skill levels can benefit from this class! Kickboxing is a form of self-defense with a very high rate of success and is highly recommended for all! 

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1 week free trial

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